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Еразмус+ Документи

Guidelines for the use of the grant, version 01.05.2016
Annex VII – Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report Type II
CBHE Joint declaration (former STAFF Convention Template)
Note on staff costs CBHE
Individual Travel Report Template, NEW
Timesheet TEMPLATE, version of 2015

Еразмус+ Візуалізація

ERASMUS+ logo in JPG
Guidelines of the use of the EU emblem

GameHub Документи

GameHub Document Template
GameHub Deliverable Template
GameHub Presentation Template

GameHub Візуалізація

GameHub Logo
GameHub Roll-up
GameHub Leaflet [EN], [UA]
Folder cover, Notebook cover

“GameOn: Education and Creative Industry” Conference Visual Identity

GameHub Poster
GameHub Rollup
GameHub Shirt
GameHub Notepad
GameHub Bag