Information Day at Donetsk National Technical University “The aim, goals of Game Hub project and view on DonNTU future” 30 May 2016

IndoDay1May 30, 2016 on the eve of the 95 anniversary celebrations of the Donetsk National Technical University, at the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology an information day of the Erasmus+ Game Hub project held. Project university consortium was presented for participants of the information event. Also project goals, objectives, the structure of Game Hub project and expected results were presented. It was spoked about the role of the Applied Mathematics Informatics Department in the implementation of the project and the DonNTU team was presented. InfoDay2

Students of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics within the “Architecture and design of graphics systems” course project and GameHub perspectives developed several gaming applications within their professional orientation. Each application is a quest-room, which setting and environment have been associated with the specialties of our faculty. The event aroused great interest among university students and schoolers of the Krasnoarmeysk region.