Ukrainian Association of Information Technology Professionals Team



Project Leader:

Ukrainian Association of Information Technologies Professionals
8, Mironositskaya Str., ap. 1,  Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
e-mail: Sergiy.Bronin[at]

Expert in software development and IT education. Had managed few games development. Project management at 4 European projects. He has Ph.D. in IT, master in economics. Most publications are related to software development, data bases and Higher education institution management. A list of some publications:

1. S. Bronin, Adaptive Control Framework for Software Components: Case-Based Reasoning(in Russian).

2. S. Bronin, Implementation of the information-analytic system on banking services in Internet (in Russian).

3. S. Bronin, Concept of formation of analytical information system of higher educational establishment development management (in Russian).