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Name of the regional GameHub


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Justification of the GameHub activity at the University

GameHub_DonNTU activities at the university is determined by Agreement 2015-3181/001-003, Partnership agreement and DonNTU orders.

Aims and objectives of the GameHub operation at the University:
describe overall regional objectives

The aim of the operation is the organization of different study programs in the field of developing computer (digital) games. Main objectives:

– Training DonNTU teachers to improve their competence in developing computer games;

– Integration GameHub facilities in existing educational processes and structures;

– Preparation of teaching materials for courses/modules related to the computer games design;

– Organization of educational process for students of the target group;

– Creation of specialized “Software Engineering” programs on bachelors & master levels, oriented on game development & design.

Priority activities planned at the regional GameHub

  • Selection of students for bachelor’s and master developed programs
  • The signing of memorandums with Employment Services of Donetsk Region & Zaporija Region (2017, spring).
  • The signing of a cooperation agreement with (2017, summer): Donetsk city employment service (Pokrovsk); Pokrovsk city employment service; Avdiivka city employment service; Dobropilia city employment service; Selidovo city employment service.
  • Cooperation with employment centers for training the unemployed who are registered.

Regular conducting scientific/practical conferences on the development of multimedia & games.

Organizational and managerial aspects of the GameHub

Organizational and managerial aspects of the GameHub_DonNTU should be determined in  “The Regulation of the University GameHub_DonNTU”. Main points:

Organizational management of GameHub_DonNTU is realized by the rector of the University.

Academic management is carried out by the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

The principles of the GameHub organization at the University

GamHub_DonNTU will be organized as a separate subdivision of the Donetsk National Technical University in the Faculty of Computer Science & Technology.

Target audience

The target audience is GameHub_DonNTU:

– Teachers and technical staff of the University;

– University students;

– Staff and technical staff of other institutions;

– Staff employment centers;

– Veterans ATO in need of training.