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Justification of the GameHub activity at the University

KNTU GameHub is a necessary and essential tool for the creation and implementation of new educational programs for computer games development.

GameHub should be the integrating element for new educational approaches: first, game learning laboratory should provide students with the entire volume of the necessary technical knowledge and skills that meet urgent requirements of employers, and secondly, must give students the opportunity to focus on the transversal component study of computer game design.

This will overcome some discrepancy of knowledge gained at the university to the actual demand in the labor market.

Aims and objectives of the GameHub operation at the University:
describe overall regional objectives

GameHub in KNTU should unify connections between the university, game industry and society in general.

The goal of GameHub is the stimulation of the students and trainees to acquire of knowledge and practical skills required for successful work in computer games development sector.

The objectives of GameHub functioning are:

  • Providing conditions for creation and implementation of innovation education program on computer games development as a specialization for the students of software engineering speciality;
  • Adaptation of education program on computer games development to the market and employers requirements;
  • Increasing the level of quality of software engineering specialists through learning state-of-the-art technologies of computer games development at the level of labor market requirements;
  • Looking for ways to improve organization as well as scientific and methodical ware of educational process;
  • Providing consulting services on the base of university and game industry connection;

Reciprocal exchange of experience, knowledge, educational materials and innovation practice of engineering education between partner universities.

Priority activities planned at the regional GameHub

The priority activities are:

  • Preparation of specialists on the “Program Engineering” speciality, “Computer Games Development” specialization for the purpose of regional labor market on the new educational program. For this purpose we need:
    • To develop educational program of mentioned above specialization on the level of Bachelor and Master’s degree students,
    • To develop learning modules on computer games development;
  • The using of game laboratory for acquiring of knowledge and skills as to creation of game content elements for learning process:
    • On the lab practicals,
    • In the course and diploma works preparation,
    • Within scientific research work of students;
  • Implementation of new game technologies into educational process of the University, providing scientific and technical support;
  • Accumulation and renovation of educational resources for innovative educational process realization;

Organization and providing scientific research work, experience exchange and advanced training of teachers of departments in the area of computer games development.

Organizational and managerial aspects of the GameHub

GameHub on KNTU is implemented on the base of game learning laboratory (GameLab), which belongs to Information technologies chair, Cybernatics and System Engineering department.

The principles of the GameHub organization at the University

The principles of the GameHub organization in the University:

  • Close collaboration with enterprises in the area of game industry on the regional, national and international levels;
  • Implementation of modern innovative educational methods and methodologies;
  • Adaptation of educational program to the labor market requirements;
  • Combination of studying of students with practical activity;
  • Gamification of learning process;

Intensive collaboration with partner universities.

Target audience

KNTU GameHub target audience is as following:

  • Bachelor and Master’s degree students of cybernetics and system engeneering departments, KNTU, primarily “Program Engineering” speciality;
  • Trainees of Institute of Postqualifying Education, who are under retraining and advanced training in “Program Engineering”, including State Employment Service order;
  • Unemployment people, veterans of anti-terrorist operation and engineers who are interested in game development work and who are submitters of Regional/Municipal Employment Service;

Lecturers of university departments interested in adoption of game technologies in educational process.