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Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

Name of the regional GameHub

PNU GameHub

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Justification of the GameHub activity at the University

In recent years the demand for IT specialists in various fields has shown rapid growth in Ukraine. However, the conducted survey reveals that the qualification and competences of graduates do not meet the needs and demands of IT industry employers in general and game design in particular.

For unemployed persons and ATO veterans in Ivano-Frankivsk region the employment centers offer IT training/retraining limited to programming, but not a complex course for digital game design.

So PNU GAMEHUB should create a unique environment for students and the unemployed persons, including ATO veterans for providing profound training/retraining program and modules in digital game design based on the European experience that will cover all competences and skills required by the employers of game design industry.

Aims and objectives of the GameHub operation at the University:
describe overall regional objectives

Aims are to increase the competitiveness at the labour market of University students; to improve employability of unemployed persons, including ATO veterans and to settle fruitful cooperation between University and unemployed centres, University and secondary schools, University and IT enterprises.

Objectives of GameHub operation at the University and in the region:

  • Introduction of the developed modules in digital game design into the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for the specialties “Computer Science” and “Informatics”;
  • Establishment of the Game-lab for the fulfilment of educational projects and practical tasks;
  • Extend cooperation with secondary schools by implementing absolutely new methods for teaching STEM subjects for pupils;
  • Development of training program in digital game design for unemployed persons and veterans of ATO;

Extend cooperation with IT enterprises by involving them into the process of game design modules development and operation of PNU Game-Hub centre.

Priority activities planned at the regional GameHub

1) Development of digital game design modules for students majoring in “Informatics” and “Computer Science” having close cooperation with industry and introduction of them into the education program at Bachelor’s and Master’s level;

2) Game design focused training of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students majoring in “Informatics” and “Computer Science”;

3) Design of digital games by students within their mini-project practical tasks for improving the learning process of STEM subject by pupils at secondary schools;

4) Development of digital game design modules having the purpose of building training and retraining program for unemployed persons and veterans of ATO;

5) Conduction of the pilot training/retraining for unemployed persons and veterans of ATO in close cooperation with unemployed centers and IT industries.

Organizational and managerial aspects of the GameHub

PNU GameHub will function within the structure of the Department of Informatics based on educational GameLab. It will be managed by the academic staff of the above-mentioned Department together with the representatives of IT cluster and Ivano-Frankivsk unemployed center

The principles of the GameHub organization at the University

First the educational GameLab will be settled on the basis of the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (Rector’s order about educational GameLab settlement). Then, based on this lab a PNU GameHub center will be created.

Target audience

University teachers, students, unemployed persons, ATO veterans, staff of unemployed centers, representatives of IT companies, pupils of secondary school, secondary school teachers.