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Justification of the GameHub activity at the University

The game industry in recent decades is one of the most promising and growing. According to the market analysis of the game industry in Ukraine, the programmer and developer of gaming applications average salary per month has increased more than threefold in the last few years. The results indicate significant potential for the game industry in Ukraine and especially in the Kiev. The most important trends that currently observed are:

– Widespread use of gamification principles, the use of gaming techniques in solving non-gaming tasks (for training, support of corporate culture, assess the quality of work, interviewing and assessing motivation, etc.);

– The creation of educational games in which it is used graphics and sound effects, and game scenario to achieved mastering theoretical aspects and practical skills of students in certain disciplines. Another focus is to create educational mobile applications that do not require a separate installation and support for various mobile devices.

Thus, the development of the gaming industry in Ukraine is not the interest of local game companies and independent developers, managers, marketers, coaches, trainers and others can successfully use the benefits from the growth of the industry of the game development.

Training of computer games development should be at the university with the necessary framework and experience in Ukraine. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture is one of the largest universities of the Kiev region. Department of automation and information technology and in particular KNUCA Department of Information Technology is one of the leading departments to prepare qualified and competitive specialists in such specialties: “Computer science and information technologies”, “Computer engineering”, “Safety information and communication systems” , “Professional education. Computer technology “and so on. The teaching staff of the faculty and the university has considerable experience of training at this level. The university has sufficient classroom fund and material and technical basis for creating game lab GameHub and performance of the tasks within the international project.

Aims and objectives of the GameHub operation at the University:
describe overall regional objectives

The key goals and objectives of the GameHub functioning of the university are:

  1. Establishment of effective training programs and training of different target groups according to developed modules based on gaming laboratory.

2. The study of the European experience of implementation necessary for work in the gaming industry knowledge in educational plans and programs.

Priority activities planned at the regional GameHub

Priority activities of the KNUCA GameHub are:

  1. Conduct training of target groups: students (at undergraduate and graduate), ATO veterans, unemployed engineers to improve their competencies and skills needed for the employment market of the game industry.
  2. Cooperation with leading IT companies, urban and regional employment foundations and other organizations to provide employment and professional implementation of the target group.
  3. Conducting research work in the game sector, the development of gaming applications for a variety of applications, advisory activities.

Specific measures:

  1. Conducting information days (three each year) and round tables (1 per year) to promote the project and disseminate information about the progress of its implementation in KNUCA and in other universities in the region.
  2. Conducting Job Fair (1 per year) with IT companies and the Kyiv City Employment Center.
  3. Conducting training for employees of the Kyiv City Employment Center to inform unemployed and ATO veterans of opportunities to participate in training (Spring 2017).
  4. Conducting several organizational meetings in the two parts of the city. Kyiv (Right and Left Bank of the city), which will be invited unemployed engineers and ATO veterans. The purpose of training is a survey of potential participants in teaching and their preparation for participation in it. (Spring-Fall 2017)
  5. It is planned to sign the cooperation agreement with the three IT companies.
  6. It is planned to sign the collaboration with the Association of combatants and members of ATO.

Organizational and managerial aspects of the GameHub

Priority activities of the KNUCA GameHub are:

  1. Organization of seminars, information days, round tables and job fairs to inform the public and stakeholder involvement to the project GameHub (Ukrainian and international IT companies, employment centers, etc.).
  2. Team Building (KNUCA GameHub Team) at the Department of Information Technology KNUCA and KNUCA Information Centre for the project development and ensure its sustainability in the future, given the connections with business, the scientific community and other organizations, academic institutions and others.

KNUCA GameHub Team has responsible for the content of the project, responsible for the administrative part of the project and project participants, responsible for training and development of training modules, public relations and dissemination of information and so on. Meetings and discuss the project development take place every week on Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00.

The principles of the GameHub organization at the University

Openness. KNUCA GameHub activities should be open to interested parties: representatives of IT companies, teachers, people who are interested in learning, professionals in the game industry and so on.

Transparency. KNUCA GameHub activities should be transparent and understandable to the project participants and should be widely dissaminated in the media. Also it should be held information days, seminars, round tables, job fairs and other events that allow to present and inform about the results of KNUCA GameHub and project.

Accessibility. KNUCA GameHub should ensure the availability of game laboratory KNUCA GameLab to allow everyone to participate in training and making research works in game industry.

Usefulness. KNUCA GameHub activities based on providing maximum benefit and efficiency of all its components at the stage of the project, and in the future. The utility can be outlined in an academic (research), teaching (training, testing) and technological dimensions.

Target audience

Students of KNUCA who study the field of “Computer Science and Information Technology”, “Computer engineering”, “cybersecurity”, “Professional Education. Computer Technology”.

ATO veterans, unemployed engineers (unemployed who have a certain set of skills in IT, programming, graphics, sound, etc.).

Students from other universities who study IT specialties.