Work Packages

WP1 (PREPARATION): ICT, including digital game sector for service and learning: Analysis. Leader: PNU; Deputy: FHJ

WP2 (DEVELOPMENT): Built universities’ GameHubs. Leader: KNUCA, Deputy: UDEUSTO

WP3 (DEVELOPMENT): Trained universities teachers and trainers of unemployment centres. Leader: ONPU, Deputy: AGH-UST

WP4 (DEVELOPMENT): Pilot use of the GameHub resources. Leader: NTU”KhPI”, Deputy: UDEUSTO

WP5 (QUALITY PLAN): Quality Control and Monitoring . Leader: Quality Austria, Deputy: PNU

WP6 (DISSEMINATION & EXPLOITATION): Dissemination for future sustainability. Leader: KHTU, Deputy: UDEUSTO

WP7 (DISSEMINATION & EXPLOITATION): Sustainability and Exploitation. Leader: UDEUSTO, Deputy: DNTU

WP8 (MANAGEMENT): Management and Coordination. Leader: UDEUSTO, Deputy: – NTU “KhPI”