Information Day at Odessa National Polytechnic University, 25 April 2016

The conference MIT ( is a platform for many years to:

– demonstrate of the results of scientific research of young scientists;

– educational activities to familiarize students with modern information technologies.

Therefore, at the beginning of the conference were presented plenary presentations as the main results of the training meeting at University of Deusto:

1) GameHub-project ( Lecturer Oleksandr Blazhko)

2) MakeWorld ( – platform providing tools and methodologies for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education and Computational competencies (Lecturer Victoria Ruvinska);InfoDayOdessa4

3) WiMi5 ( – platform for visual design Web 2D-games with automatic creation of program in code based on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript with the possibility of further monetization of games (Lecturer Viktor Antoniuk).InfoDayOdessa2

It was conducted questioning of the topic of creating computer games industry. Separate processing of 74 questionnaire are shown in photographs in the form of statistics: students’ knowledge of programming languages, the use of graphical environments, their prior familiarity with the process of creating games and their own assessment of the prospects for future employment in this area.

The main outcomes of the Info Day are:

1) to widely disseminate GameHub project;

2) to motivate students to use GameHub project  resources  and results;

3) to show to students their potential in the development of games.